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Kenya and is one of the most unique and diverse tourist destinations offering wildlife experiences and vacation holidays in East Africa. Kenya is a stunning landscape with the perfect opportunity for wildebeest migration, culture, Eco tourism, Beaches and All – Inclusive & Vacation Packages. The Indian Ocean cruises in Mombasa Kenya allows guests to relax and experience the magical beauty to those visiting the Mombasa city which is located at the banks of the Indian Ocean.

Explore the Kenya National Parks and experience the world’s Great Wildebeest Migration, pristine fragile destinations like the sanctuaries and games where you can experience Eco tours in Kenya, enjoy the Kenya traditional culture of the Maasai, Samburu among others and then visit the cultural centres in Kenya where the norms and traditions are preserved in an insight into the traditional way of life of Kenyan people.

With All Around Kenya experience the history, culture, exotic cuisine and incredible landscapes of Kenya with a variety of Kenya tours operators, with experts tailoring best Kenya safari packages across all the safari parks, games and sanctuaries and beaches. There is also great chance to experience once a year lifetime memories (Great Wildebeest Migration) that sets Kenya a one destination to visit in the entire world.

Kenya is a quite big destination and there are many ways to explore and visit Kenya national parks and other placesĀ  including the use of private 4×4 vehicles from car rental companies in Kenya, Nairobi or traveling with the public Coaches and Matatu’s. Then for the international travelers to Kenya come with the different Airlines that land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or via various land borders like Busia, Malaba from Uganda and Namanga border between Kenya and Tanzania.

Nairobi is the main hub for Kenya and from Jomo Kenyatta Airport there is also other airstrips for the domestic flights used for the flying safaris in Kenya and among the charters offering these services include the Aero Link Kenya, Safari Link among others and Kenya Airways is the national carrier for Kenya.

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