Shanzu Beach

This beach is about 14 kilometers from Mombasa CBD and is definitely one of the top beaches in Kenya.

It closely neighbors Bamburi beach of which it is only about 4.1 kilometers separating the two and almost 10 minutes drive from Bamburi to Shanzu.

Hotels on Shanzu beach are closely packed together and there are also plenty of bars and relaxation spots where you can have some time off to reflect and indulge with nature.

The beach fronts are exquisite, quiet and relaxing therefore whenever you visit this beach, make the most of your time because it is one place you will not want to leave in a hurry due to its amazing activities, and the beautiful and spectacular landscape which comprises of coral reefs and white sand.

The beach can easily be accessed at any time you wish to go there because of the good tarmac roads and there are a lot of taxis, tuk-tuks and motorcycles to help you access the beach easily especially those who don’t have a private vehicle.

The beach offers a lot of fun and above all that you will get to taste some of the fish species caught from Kenya’s lakes such as Tilapia and Nile Perch which can be fried for you and eat after swimming in the fresh and warm waters of the beach.