Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara National Reserve is found in Southwestern Kenya in the Narok County and it was named in the honor of its ancestral inhabitants of the area called the Maasai.

The Park is the Northern-most section of Serengeti National Park of Tanzania and both parks are globally known for their splendid and spectacular annual wildebeest migration.

During April to June, the pastures of Serengeti are exhausted due to no rains in the park thus forcing the large number of Wildebeests together with other animals to vacate the Park to its northern counter park (Maasai Mara) in foraging of food/fresh pastures.

This migration is considered as one of Africa’s seven wonders because tourists in both Parks will get an easy and close access to many wildlife species which are seen crossing the Grumeti River in Serengeti and access Maasai Mara through its Mara River.

Visitors to Serengeti can view this splendid migration in April to June during the Wildebeest vacation and since the animals access Maasai Mara in July, it is thus the most ideal period to view the migration in Kenya up to mid November at Mara River.

Through the great annual migration in Serengeti and Maasai Mara, visitors will view over 1.6 million Wildebeest migrating together with zebras which are over 250,000 and also almost half a million of Thomson’s gazelles and numerous antelopes such as Topis and Elands among others.

The Mara River where the animals cross to penetrate through Maasai Mara is thus the most ideal vantage point for viewing the annual splendid migration of Wildebeests.

The migration is referred as the Wildebeests migration by many because the Wildebeests are the most dominant animals in the migration.

This annual great migration of Wildebeests thus makes Maasai Mara a loved place in Kenya to visit on some of our group tours in Kenya and its southern counter park in Tanzania (Serengeti) one of the finest destinations for wildlife safaris in Africa and definitely all over the globe simply because they host a very unique event which is not found in any other place in the world.

Besides the annual great migration in Maasai Mara, the Park is also a home to the famous Africa’s big five which include; African Lions, African Elephants, Rhinos, African Leopards and the African Cape buffaloes.

Many African tourists visit the continent in order to view its popular big five of which Maasai Mara gladly resides them all therefore, after viewing the unique migration of Wildebeests at Mara River in the Park, you should spend your night in one of the Park’s good facilitated accommodations such as Mara River lodge, Mara Serena lodge, Mara intrepids luxury club among others and go for the Africa’s big five in the following day thus equipping a great experience and having such an historical and memorable African safari from the Park.

Still the Park resides a variety of wildlife species and in a high or stable amount of which others include; Cheetahs, Impalas, Coke’s hartebeests, hyenas, Grant’s gazelles, Large roan antelopes, Nocturnal bat-eared foxes, Masai giraffes, and many others.

The Park comprises of two major Rivers (Mara and Talek Rivers) which reside large amounts of Nile crocodiles and Hippos plus many aquatic bird species.

The Park further resides over 500 bird species thus making it the best wildlife safari destination in Africa because wildlife lovers will view very many animals and in high quantity together with large populations of bird species thus also being a suitable destination for bird enthusiasts though for a huge number of Flamingos you can go for a half day circuit to the nearby LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK which is the best Park for viewing many Flamingos for they are over 2 millions of them resided at the shores of Lake Nakuru.

The Masai people who live near to the Park offer one of the most amazing cultures in Africa ranging from their dressing codes, strong dances (jumping up and down dances), singing and many others all which will offer you a very memorable safari especially when you also get involved in the dances and songs.

The Masai are so friendly and will be ready to teach you their dances and songs plus their culture at large only if you are willing to learn and always photos and brief videos of you dancing or singing will be captured thus you will be able to return back home with a huge gallery to show to your fellows you will have left home how interesting is visiting Maasai Mara national park over the other wildlife safari destinations.