Dodori National Reserve

Dodori National Reserve is a protected area located in Lamu East District of Coast Province in Kenya covering a total area of 877 square kilometers.

The reserve was established in 1976 getting its name from the River ending in the Indian Ocean at Dodori creek, which is a breeding place for dudongs and turtles.

The reserve comprises of important woodland and forest area that resides a large number of wildlife. It is located on the north corner of Kenya’s shoreline sharing the border with Boni national reserve.

Some big game can be spotted from the reserve including some of Africa’s big five species which include; African elephants, African lions, and cape buffaloes however coastal Topis can also be notified in the reserve and many other species.

The reserve is administered by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and is part of a larger area that has been recognized globally as an important cultural heritage area and a prized conservation site by international organizations such as the IUCN, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, among others.

Together with the nearby Kiunga Marine National Reserve, the Dodori National Reserve was named a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1980.

The reserve is most popular for its numbers of Topis because it is one of the best protected areas in Kenya to reside many Topis.

There are no accommodations within the reserve though visitors can also opt for staying in the surrounding area’s accommodations such as; Mikes camp and Munira Island camp which are located about 28 kilometers away from the reserve.