Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park is tucked in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya and it is considered to be the oldest marine national park in Africa.

The park lies at Malindi approximately 118 km north of Mombasa and is protected and administered by the Kenya Wildlife Service and it borders the Arbuko Sokoke forest and Gede ruins.

Together with the Watamu Marine National Park, Malindi Marine Park is enclosed by the Malindi Marine National Reserve and the park’s attractions include coral reefs, tropical fish, barracuda, zebra fish, turtles and dolphins.

The Park is a famous tourist destination with a scenic beauty, and with a lot of interesting history behind it together with clean white sand beaches.

The small town of Malindi is at the center of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering visitors a range of world class resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways.

There are superb and relatively cheap facilities for fishing and there always exist an international bill fish contest during January and an annual sea festival with fishing competitions between October and November.

The Landscape in Malindi is predominantly plain well as the climate is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The daily temperature is about 22º Celsius minimum and 30.5º Celsius maximum. There are short rains from October to November and long rains from April to July.

From swimming with zebra fish to windsurfing, this beautiful slice of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline offers the perfect getaway.

The park comprises of magnificent resources such as fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, mudflats, marine mammals, turtles and various species of shorebirds.

The fringing reefs are so close to the shore and are exposed during low tide but drops gradually to a sea grass bed that descends precipitously to the deep Barracuda Channel. Visitors can also enjoy glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling, camping and beach walks in this veritable paradise.