Amboseli National Park

The Park is among Africa’s most ideal destinations for wildlife safaris and it is worldly known for being the best place in the world to get close to the free-ranging elephants. The Park covers an area of approximately 392 square kilometers in the southeastern parts of Kenya in Kajiado County.

Elephants are the most dominant animals in Amboseli (with a population of almost 1,200 elephants)though there are still many different things that a tourist will experience such as; the Park is the best place in entire Kenya for getting clear splendid views of Africa’s highest mountain (Mountain Kilimanjaro) in the neighboring Tanzania.

Mountain Kilimanjaro has one of its foothills in the Park and attractively it consists of a snow-capped peak which is impressive to many visitors in Amboseli.

The Park is also among the Parks in Kenya where the Masai people, with a fascinating culture, live next to and thus during the cultural encounters, visitors will enjoy the interesting culture of the Masai such as dances and songs.

The Masai are traditionally cattle keepers who even have a belief that the all cattle on the planet is theirs thus visitors will eat much meat and also drink plenty of milk from the homes of the Masai people (Manyattas).

The dressing code of the Masai also offers a nice view since it is so unique to the common one plus their act of body modifying where they pierce their bodies such as the earlobes using the cattle horns.

Amboseli is a home to most of Africa’s big five such as; Elephants, African lions, leopards and Cape buffaloes and for the case of the other African big five (Rhino) in the Park is said to be extinct due to heavy poaching but the other remaining four are still present and stable in the Park.

Other notable wildlife species in the Park include; Wildebeests, Impalas, cheetahs, Grant’s zebras, Masai giraffes, spotted hyenas and over 400 bird species including; Pelicans, Kingfishers and many others.

Apart from its excellent game viewing, Amboseli is one of the most photogenic places in East Africa with a beautiful landscape and the spectacular snow-capped Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Therefore, the Park is an ideal place for going for; photography safaris, bird watching safaris as well as game viewing/wildlife safaris hence making it one of the leading African safari destinations all over the world.

The Park is located approximately 240 kilometers away from Kenya’s capital city (Nairobi) and it comprises of various accommodations such as; Amboseli sopa lodge, Kibo safari camp, Ol Tukai safari lodge, Amboseli Serena safari lodge, Campi Ya Kanzi, Tortilis safari camp, Sentrim Amboseli safari lodge, Kilima safari camp, Tawi lodge, Satao Elerai camp, among others which all ensures that you get a comfortable stay in the Park and most of the Park’s accommodations offer splendid views to Mountain Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain).

The Park can be accessed through a helicopter or Aero-plane since there is an airport in the Park called ‘’Amboseli airport’’ though for others can pass through the local tour agencies such as ECO TOURS KENYA to provide them with the most ideal vehicles for Kenya safaris as they are planning for their (Visitors’) safari.

However, 4×4 extended land cruisers with pop-up roofs and the Safari vans are the most emphasized vehicles to be used on your Kenya safari and it is a wise decision to make if you also order for a driver-guide who will drive you carefully in some of Kenya’s loose roads since he will have a savvy about them unlike you who will be new in the country.

The driver-guide will also narrate to you some interesting stories about Kenya including its amazing historical background.