Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is located 100 kilometers north of Kenya’s capital (Nairobi) covering an area of approximately 766 square kilometers.

The Park stretches over a wide variety of mountainous terrains covered in thick tropical forests. This magnificent scenic region is so cool and offers a different perspective on the country.

It is found in the Aberdare Mountain Range in central Kenya and it can easily be accessed through Nyeri and Naro Moru. There are two airstrips in the Park such as; Nyeri and Mwaiga.

The park’s altitudes range from about 2,000 meters (6,600 ft) to 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above the sea level.

Aberdare national park was established in May 1950 and it comprises of a wide range of landscapes ranging from the mountain peaks which rise to 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above sea level, v-shaped valleys intersected by streams, rivers, and waterfalls well as moorland, bamboo forests and rainforests are found at lower altitudes.

The experience in Aberdare National Park is unlike anywhere else in Kenya simply because the Park is most famous as the place where Princess Elizabeth found out that she was Queen upon the death of her father at Treetops Lodge and since then, this lodge has been famous with tourists on Kenya safaris.

Entry to the Park is by smart card only which are obtained and loaded at the main gate of the Park. The Park is open daily from 6:00am until 7:00pm however, entry on foot in the Park is not allowed and visitors are always reminded to be punctual at the Park’s entrance gates in order to avoid inconveniences.

The Park’s abundance in wildlife and birdlife is one of the major reasons as to why it is so popular and the notable wildlife species include; African lions, African elephants,  Cape buffaloes, leopards, Mountain reedbucks, East African wild dogs, giant forest hogs, bushbuck, Suni, waterbuck, side-striped jackals, elands, duikers and African golden cats among others. The Park also resides some primates including; the olive baboons, black and white Colobus monkeys, and Sykes monkeys.

Fortunately, in the Park a visitor can also an elusive forest antelope known as ‘’bongo’’ which lives in the bamboo forest.

The Aberdare National Park also contains a large eastern black rhino population thus a visitor to the Park can have much chances of viewing all of Africa’s big five which include; lions, elephants, cape buffaloes, leopards and the rhinos which were given the name of ‘’Africa’s big five’’ by the early hunters due to the animals’ difficulty in hunting them.

Besides the Park’s abundance in wildlife, still tourists will be in position to view over 250 bird species which are resided in the Park including; eagles, plovers, Aberdare cisticolas, goshawks, Jackson’s francolin, and sunbirds among others. Visitors can also get involved in many other activities such as; nature walks, picnics, spot fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands.

In other tourist attractions in the Park include its five picnic sites and still the Park’s accommodations are so spectacular and magnificent thus offering a comfortable and beautiful stay.

Some of the best accommodations in the Park include; the Treetops tree-house lodge, Fishing lodge guesthouse, Tusk camp cottage banda, Aberdare country club, and the Ark which was constructed in the shape of Noah’s Ark, among others.

Both Treetops and Ark provide excellent nighttime wildlife viewing where visitors can observe various animals such as elephants, Cape buffaloes, rhinos and others which get attracted to the waterholes around the lodges.