Best Kenya Wildlife Safari 2019 – 2021

Kenya Wildife Safaris

I and my friend traveled to Kenya for a safari tour in August of 2019 using the Eco Tours Kenya. In using this tour agency, we were very pleased by its best services which made our tour more interesting than we had hoped before.

Many could ask how we got to know this tour agency but my answer to that question is that we first asked our friends who had just visited Kenya and other East Africa’s countries who expressed to us the best and good services of the above agency.

We didn’t just agree to their sayings and thus we had to Google the above agency and see if it is really worth to plan and organize our safari tour in Kenya and indeed what we found out was enough to evidence that the agency can really cater for our safari tour.

In our findings we even saw many individuals who had traveled to Kenya speaking only positive effects that they got when they used the above agency thus we also had to opt for the same agency since we also wanted to get the best from our Kenya safari.

After identifying the tour agency we were to use for our Kenya safari, we then had to communicate with the agency’s consultant “Moses” such that he could guide us before going to Kenya since we had to first know the stability and security in the country plus many other things which would be a remedy to our safari tour.

After knowing that everything was clear and okay, then we started planning and organizing our safari together with the agency of which everything moved on smoothly and perfectly.

We booked our trip riding in an extended 4×4 Land Cruiser which also had a pop-up roof and also the agency reserved for us the accommodations which we were to live in, in every destination we were to visit in Kenya.

After clarifying that our tour was to move on with one of the best agency in East Africa, then we had to settle and just wait for our day of departure to Kenya but in order to secure our trip with the agency, we had to first pay some deposit to the agency since we didn’t want excuses in our safari.

Soon our day for the safari reached and we had to prepare and pack our belongings to leave for a Kenya safari tour and on our arrival at Jomo Kenyatta airport in Kenya, we had to clear all the balances that we had with the agency and after paying the balances, we were given our hired and booked vehicle which we were to use for our safari and we were also given a driver to drive us since none of us knew how to drive perfectly especially to Kenya’s roads which are not in the best conditions most especially those accessing the Parks.

From the airport we were first driven by our driver to Amboseli National Park which is located 240km away from Nairobi and we only spent four hours on the way while driving.

In the Park we camped in Amboseli Serena safari lodge and it is from the lodge’s restaurant where we got breakfast, supper and lunch and still in the lodge’s swimming pool and bar, we got our luxury and leisure time from there.

Most enjoyful at the lodge is a sight at Africa’s highest Mountain (Mountain Kilimanjaro) which lies at the borders of Tanzania and Kenya.

In the morning of the following day, we first had a breakfast and then accessed the park of which at the park’s gates we paid US$ 80 per person as the park’s entrance fee. Inside the Park we viewed a large number of elephants grazing freely in the Park and they are the major dominants.

We also viewed large numbers of lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, spotted hyenas, Masai giraffes, Grant’s Zebras, Impalas and the blue wildebeests plus many more. In the Park we also had clear views of Mountain Kilimanjaro and a view to over 400 bird species and after our visit to the Park we also went along and visited the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is close to Amboseli thus we didn’t spend much time on the way and in doing all the activities in the Reserve, we based in Mara River lodge. We also paid US$ 80 for the Park entrance fee and viewed many amazing things from there.

The famous Kenya annual migration of Wildebeests from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania also takes place from the Reserve thus we were able to view this spectacular migration where we viewed very many animals such as Wildebeests, Zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Elands and the Topis and surprisingly all were seen in huge amounts more especially the Wildebeests which were over 1.5 million all invading the Reserve through crossing the Mara River.

In the Park we also viewed many bird species and a large number of crocodiles and hippos. A lot of amazing activities exist in the Park including the balloon safaris, game viewing and cultural encounters where we met and enjoyed the amazing culture of the Masai people all which made our safari tour more joyous.


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