Amazing Photo Trips in Kenya

Kenya Photographic Safaris

You should not ever forget a good camera plus extra charged batteries for the Camera whenever you are going for a Kenya trip because the country is made up of very many amazing things her national parks which are worth many photos.

A variety of Kenya’s national parks are made up of many attractive and photogenic features which allows photo trips in Kenya and these trips can also be planned and organized like other trips where you will pass through a tour agency like Eco Tours Kenya with good travel experts in East Africa.

The agency will offer you with a good extended 4×4 vehicle with pop-up roofs thus easing the activity of taking photos without even moving out of the vehicle and the best vehicles for the photo trips in Kenya are the 4×4 extended Land Cruisers with pop-up roofs. From the vehicle, a traveler will be taking photos from the roofs of the vehicle as then take as many photos as he or she can.

Kenya consists of many photogenic things in her Parks such as the splendid and spectacular annual migration of Wildebeests, Zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Topis and Elands which invade the Mara River to cross and migrate to MAASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK from the Park southern parts in the Serengeti plains in Tanzania.

This annual migration is so photogenic in such a way that the migrant animals move in larger groups thus displaying their brilliance most especially their colors like those of the Zebras which migrate in a larger number of over 200,000 Zebras and almost two millions of Wildebeests plus half a million of Thomson’s gazelles which make the Mara River to flood with a lot of animals crossing to the Park (Maasai Mara).

This deserves a lot of photos and travelers are thus encouraged to move with a lot of extra charged batteries however the 4×4 extended Land Cruisers also have a charging facility which will help you to charge the Camera when it is almost shutting down.

Still in the Park you will see many other photogenic things such as Africa’s big five (Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards and Rhinos) which are viewed in excess and the Park also inhabits the largest number of Crocodiles in East Africa plus the balloon safaris which also make your photo trip so unrivalled as you will take photos while you are sailing up in a balloon with aerial views of many interesting and amazing things in the Park.

In Kenya’s AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK you will view a large number of herds of elephants which you can never see anywhere in Africa. The Park protects over thousands of elephants which makes it photogenic especially when they are found grazing freely in the Park and in large numbers.

Though the Park is famously known for residing the highest number of elephants in Africa, but also the fact that it offers spectacular and clear views of Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania makes it more photogenic.

The clear views of Mountain Kilimanjaro while in the Park will help you to take photos of the highest free-standing Mountain in Africa which will really give you a great experience from your photo trip in Kenya and in the Park as well.

Kenya also has the best destination for viewing Flamingos in the whole world (LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK) a thing which also makes the Park so photogenic.

At the shores of Lake Nakuru is where you will view millions of Flamingos and from there you can take as many photos as you can and fortunately the Park can be accessed from MAASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK as a circuit taking safari which can either take a day or half a day.

Therefore for travelers who want to take photo trips of bird watching, this Kenyan Park should be your option because besides the fact that it keeps the largest number of Flamingos in the world but it also has over 400 other bird species.

Kenya also has Mountains like Mountain Kenya which can be seen when you visit MOUNTAIN KENYA NATIONAL PARK and Mountain Elgon which has the largest volcanic base in the world and it can also be viewed when you visit MOUNT ELGON NATIONAL PARK KENYA though the Mountain’s largest origins are in Uganda.


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