Anga Africa Luxury Boutique Camp

This is a luxury camp situated in Karen, Nairobi, (Kenya’s capital city) aiming at offering its guests with a feel closely related to nature as possible.

It is a 4-star luxury facility. The Kenyan beauty is best showcased in its natural environment and when guests look at this camp, they will always have the nature aspect in the back of their minds.

Combining these two aspects of luxury and nature, it really defines the purpose of the Anga Africa Luxury Boutique Camp.

People often at times think that these two aspects are mutually exclusive but the fact is that the camp is proving the opposite and even dare to say that one can’t really exist without the other.

The camp is also aiming that guests can still have a luxurious experience while camping. Glam-ping = glamorous camping has been an upcoming trend and is being increasingly adapted by hotels simply because it’s a new way of creating a unique hospitality experience.

A stay at this camp is indeed an exceptional one because the experience of living in a luxury tent compared to an ordinary hotel room is incomparable.

This is because that when getting woken up in the morning by all sorts of exotic animal-noises is something extraordinary and that the feeling of being connected to nature in such a luxury setting is indescribable.

The camp comprises of 6 luxury tents offering a serene and intimate environment where guests will be able to completely relax and unwind before heading off to one of Kenya’s finest national parks for an unforgettable safari experience such as Maasai Mara national reserve/park, Nairobi national park, and Amboseli national park among others.

The features; a swimming pool, free WIFI, laundry services, and safari bar among others. However breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared at your convenience thus meaning that you don’t have to adhere to rigid meal times.

The camp offers many different cuisines though it will be a nice feeling if you try tasting some of the local specialties prepared by the camp’s professional chefs (Chef Jared and Chef Alfred).

At the camp if you also wish to explore Nairobi and visit some of its major attractions including its famous NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK, an experienced driver will be offered to you and will be delighted to show you around.

Therefore, for visitors willing to visit Nairobi, your first accommodation to invade your mind should be Anga Africa luxury boutique camp for a unique safari and memorable escapes from Nairobi.