Tiwi Beach

Tiwi beach is an appropriate place for the holidaymakers, honeymooners, old individuals and everyone due to its calmness.

The beach is an ideal one for travelers who simply prefer to unwind and keep it low, relax and enjoy the unique natural landscape that rejuvenates the mind and the whole body.

Tiwi beach is nestled approximately 18 kilometers away from the city of Mombasa and it is located in Kwale County.

Therefore if you feel like the north coast beaches will un-comfort you due to their activeness, Tiwi can be your best option because it is too quiet and if you are stressed, bored, tired and in actual sense you want to relax, you are then highly emphasized to go to Tiwi beach.

If you visit Tiwi, you will realize its calmness depending on the sorts of people you will find there relaxing in the rejuvenating society and there are a variety of good accommodations such as hotels which incorporates a countryside feel.