Nyali Beach

This beach is found in a residential area in Mombasa known as Nyali which is connected to Mombasa Island by the New Nyali Bridge.

Nyali beach is the most famous northern beach suburb located approximately 5 kilometers Mombasa CBD and it is so easy to access thus being ranked highly amongst the top beaches in Mombasa.

The most impressive and interesting thing about the beach is that it is pristine, so calm and quiet. Definitely the crowds at Nyali beach are relatively few especially if you want to be on a laid back beach that allows privacy it is then a best option.

The beach provides numerous beach sports and comprises of hundreds of palm trees thus possessing an outstanding beauty.

Various amazing things can be done from the each such as; swimming in its cool and warm waters, sunbathing, surfing, relaxing and gaze at the sun plus also snorkeling and many others.

At the shores/banks of the beach there are various top notch beach hotels, lodges and several guesthouses where visitors will take residence for the sake of their Nyali beach holiday.

Fortunately, these accommodations are so close to the beach and if you have to use a vehicle, it is less than 3 minutes drive to access the beach from your desired accommodation.

In need of something to eat such as snacks before going to the beach, there are various large shopping malls where you can go and buy one.