Bamburi Beach

This beach is situated approximately 10 kilometers from Mombasa city centre and many interesting activities exist at the beach such as; swimming, snorkeling, Relaxing as you enjoy the beach’s good climate, sun bathing and many others.

The famous PIRATES BEACH (Jomo Kenyatta Public beach) which is Mombasa’s and Kenya’s largest public beach is located on this stretch of Bamburi beach and if you really need an active and lively beach, you should then opt for the Pirates beach.

Therefore, Bamburi is also a very calm beach since most of the people opt for the Pirates beach which is so active. The beach can be easily accessible with a private vehicle or any other sort of Kenya’s vehicles such as; Matatus and Tuk-tuks.

There are a lot of hotels and lodges plus restaurants such as; Bamburi beach hotel, ziwa beach resort, Kahama hotel, Severin Sea lodge and many others however if you are visiting the beach resorts, you are emphasized to specify which lodge or hotel you are going to in order to avoid inconveniences.

The beach is the busiest public beach and thus there are several stalls where you can buy artifacts, traditional wear and snacks to enjoy on the beach.

However, if you are that tourist who enjoy viewing marine life, the Mombasa Marine Park is close to Bamburi beach hence it is easier for you to access the Park and enjoy the marine life such as; dolphins, and different species of turtles plus many others.